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A playful illustration of Henk Scholtz's garden

The house is slap-bang in the middle of a circle, so everything is connected. There's a strong rhythm and continuity in both structure and planting that is very important, like the grey pyramids in front and the green at the back, both with aloes in between. Having only a few varieties of plants helps enormously to maintain continuity. Going to the garden centre and buying every plant on the rack, as tempting as it is, not the solution. I'm still collecting, but now it's succulents and at least I know they're survivors. I've borrowed landscape from all around: it's actually a tiny space but it feels enormous, because the garden leads the eye to the views beyond. I planned, from the start, to make the most of the snow-capped mountains and the white pear trees in blossom by planting a hedge of white Viburnum tinus, which is in flower at the same time. The tree tiers of white look exquisite.


featured on the BBC:

"This is probably the most photogenic garden I've ever been to.
Everywhere you look, you turn your head and there's a picture."
- Monty Don BBC: "Around the World in 80 Gardens"

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